What Microphone Does Markiplier Use? Number 1 Guide


In this post you will find out the two main Microphone he uses to create his videos.

Finding out what Microphone Markiplier uses in videos has definitely required more digging around than usual as he sure does like to keep that thing hidden! It’s not been easy. Based of these screen grabs we have determined that he uses the awesome Shure PG27 microphone with a foam sock and the sound quality is definitely amazing. You can pick up your own for a not that much, this mic really gives you strong lows and can make your voice sound really deep and bassy.

Markiplier’s 2017 Shure Microphone

Markiplier using the Shure PG27 Microphone
Markiplier using the Shure microphone in 2017


You can check prices and reviews on Amazon before you buy!


1. Markiplier built his career with this microphone

2. Studio quality recording

3. Dynamic condense recording

4. Records airy Mids and Highs

5. XLR and USB options available


What other microphone does he use?

Based on our continued research he is also in 2017 using a Shure SM7B With a Double Layer Mic WindScreen. Markiplier is definitely a fan of the Shure Brand and we would recommend picking up a Shure mic to everyone!

Markiplier with the SM7B and windshield

Markiplier’s Other Shure Microphone


You can check prices and reviews on Amazon before you buy


1. Used by professional recording artists

2. Requires XLR Cable and Mixing Board meaning higher quality recording

3. Currently used by Markiplier and YouTubers like Pewdiepie

4. Highest quality recording you can get for the price

If you would like to know what headphones Markiplier uses then you can click here where we show you pictures of his headphones and talk about the specs.




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