What Microphone Does Jackepticeye Use? He uses the 2018…


Everyones favorite green haired Irish lad JacksepticEye real name Sean William McLoughlin registered his Youtube channel in 2007. He only started uploading regularly in 2013 and back then he was using a fairly cheap Audio Technica Microphone. Since growing his channel to over 14 million subscribers he has upgraded microphones! Keep reading to learn more…

His old microphone

After hours of hard research we found this screenshot in one of JackSepticEyes older gaming setup videos and agreed on what microphone he is using. In this only screenshot we could find we can see he was using an Audio Technica 2020 which is the same Microphone Captain Sparklez currently uses.

Screenshot from one of Jack’s older videos.

Jack’s Microphone




1. JackSepticEye used it to record his videos

2. Simple USB plug and play

3. Good size – fits with all mic stands

4. Bass isn’t overpowering

5. Great choice for let’s play gamers

It’s a good mic purely because of the low price and high quality. When Sean was starting out that’s probably all he could afford to buy. Starting out with that microphone has definitely paid off for him big time though and it’s a great choice if you want to start your gaming career.

but wait… he has two Microphones!

His new 2018 microphone!!

In the gif below we can see he uses the Shure PGA27 which is the same microphone as fellow 10 mili YouTuber Markiplier! This microphone is higher in the quality spectrum and you seriously get what you pay for.

JackSepticEye Using The Shure Microphone

Jack’s New Microphone




1. JackSepticEye currently records with it

2. Simple USB plug and play

3. Proffesional Studio quality

4. Deep Bass sound

5. Used by huge YouTubers like Markiplier


What Headphones does JackSepticeye use?


Jacksepticeye as far as we are aware currently uses a pair of these Fidelio X2 headphones.They are really comfortable and are definitely on the higher end of the price tag. You get what you pay for though and the sound quality is amazing

Jack’s Fidelio Headphones


1. Used by JackSepticEye

2. Detachable cable (prevents damage)

3. Extremely Comfortable

4. Strong but not overpowering low bass

5. Crisp upper mids/highs

6. Perfect for gamers


PS. To find out what gaming chair JackSepticEye uses you can click here and read our free post.








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