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I am Anton the founder of YourGamingSetup.com, I set up this website in 2016 with the original goal being to help people find the tech their favorite gaming YouTubers were using. Since then thousands of people have managed to own super high quality microphones, headsets, gaming chairs and more thanks to this website.

In 2018 I have set up the site to provide in depth articles on a more wider ranger of gaming topics. If you are on a budget then I’ve most likely got you covered with my under $100 guides and if you want to read an in depth review on something before you buy it then I hope once again YGS can help you. The content here is written by my team of genius writers and we update the website weekly. I want too wish you a Happy Browsing experience and I hope we can help make your gaming setup become epic!

$300 Gaming PC Build
  •  Cheapest Gaming Build Possible
  • Includes 7 components
  • High Quality Brands Used
  • Warranty and Refund Policy
  • Free guide
$800 gaming pc build
  • Super High Quality Build
  • 6 High Powered Components
  • 1TB Of Storage
  • Run The Highest Settings Possible
  • Warranty and Refund Policy

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