Gaming Headset vs Headphones for gaming?


If you are the type of gamer that likes to no life a game for hours on end for a whole day, then this is where choosing a high quality built gaming headset comes in. You see, a lot of headphones don’t always take comfort into consideration but instead just purely focus on sound which makes sense really and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Now though, every year I am seeing gaming companies produce super comfortable headsets, innovating their designs at a rapid pace. They understand that comfort is actually a very important factor for gamers. You can get headsets with velour cushioned ear pads, vegan leather, padded headbands and materials that don’t make you sweat. Don’t get me wrong, there are musical headphones built for customers who will listen to music all day long but let’s face it. If there was two rooms, one full of 100 gamers and the other with 100 hardcore music fans. What percentile do you think will more likely spend 8 hours straight wearing the gaming headset vs the headphones? I would say it’s something like over 50% for gamers and way under 50% for the hardcore music fans.

The microphone

Some people like to make the argument that you can just buy a pair of really good headphones and then buy a clip on microphone that you can attach to the headset. They also say stuff like just buy a blue yeti as it will make your voice sound way better. First of all, these people would be really shocked at how good some microphones are on the latest gaming headsets these days and secondly a blue yeti with a Sennheiser 598 headphone isn’t exactly a “cheap solution”. If you are lazy and not a pro gamer like me then buying a headset plus a microphone will sound like a bit of an expensive hassle. I am way more happy to just buy a headset under 100 dollars that comes with a great quality microphone that is pretty much plug and play.

The Sound

This is where I used to think things got really complicated but from after reviewing and using a bunch of gaming headsets my conclusion is that 9 times out of 10 they are always more bass heavy. That’s it and this does actually make a difference with most FPS games. If you are a bit more tech savvy then you could try and EQ your headphones to get the same sound but most of them don’t have built in software to EQ and it’s much easier in my opinion again to just get a gaming headset.

An open cup headset with good surround sound will let you feel like you are actually inside the game. Like in PubG for example, you will hear the gunshots behind you. That really really seals the deal for me personally since thats my favorite game atm.

In Conclusion

They are more comfortable for long length use as well in the majority of cases.

I would also say that getting a gaming headset is cheaper when you don’t have to worry about getting a microphone.

Finally for gaming, headphones just simply are not good enough for me and I would just rather use them for music. Is that really such a bad thing? Don’t cry Audiophiles. Just make sure you don’t buy a headset because of a hyped up brand with a flashy logo and make sure your headset covers everything I mentioned in this post. Still not convinced? Check out my gaming headset vs speakers guide.

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