Dell E1916HV 19” LED Monitor Review


Most people don’t realize it, but the monitor is one of the key components of any computer. In fact, without the monitor you couldn’t even operate the computer or see what you were doing. With all the high-resolution movies and games available in today’s world, it can be extremely hard to choose a monitor that is perfect for your needs. Of course, you want crystal clear resolution, but you always want ultimate performance and reliability. Well, when it comes to the Dell E1916HV Monitor it doesn’t matter what you are looking for, because this innovative monitor delivers it all.

Extremely Handy Tilt Feature

Sitting at a computer desk all day long can have major negative effects on your back, neck, and body. Some individuals even like to sit on the couch from time to time and watch movies on their computers. Whatever the situation is, you will be able to achieve extreme comfort and excellent placement thanks to the tilt feature. You can literally tilt the monitor to suit any of your viewing or relaxation needs.

Conserve Power With Nap Feature

Most individuals just leave their computers on all day long, everyday. You would be surprised to learn just how much power this burns, not to mention that it is extremely hard on the monitor. This is why the Dell E1916HV Monitor comes equipped with a handy power nap feature. This feature can be found in the Dell display manager and once applied it will not only save you money, but it will ensure that you never burn out your monitor.

Environmental Friendly

Once again, leaving your monitor on all day long is not only a waste of power, but depending on the type of monitor that you are using you could be emitting harmful rays all throughout the home. Well, thanks to the environmental-friendly design of the Dell E1916HV Monitor, this is something that you never have to worry about. The monitor was specifically designed to meet all the latest environmental standards, which will help your carbon footprint, while making your home or office safer in the process.

Extreme Testing Policies

Anytime you invest your earned money into a product you want it to last and perform like promised. Well, Dell completely understands this concept and they agree with you. This is why this monitor is put through the most strenuous and rigorous testing processes before leaving the factory. This not only ensure that you get the performance that you are looking for, but it ensures that you will get the reliability that Dell has come to be known for.

Gamma And Color Controls

While this monitor comes preset with a factory standard, there are some individuals out there that like to tweak their gamma and colors setting to match their own specific preferences. Well, thanks to the easy to access and adjust gamma and colors control, you can literally customize this monitor in just about any manner possible.

Elegant And Beautiful Design

Anytime you purchase a monitor you not only want it to be completely functional, but you want it to make an improvement to your current setup. Not only will this amazing monitor change the way that you watch movies, play games, and use the computer altogether, but it will enhance your overall setup. The sleek, black beautiful design of the casing is amazing and looks great in any setting. When you combine this with the beautiful screen resolution, you are truly looking at one magnificently constructed monitor.

High-Resolution Widescreen

There is nothing worse than not being able to see what you are doing on your computer, or watching a hi-definition movie on a poor resolution. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any of these things when you invest in the Dell E1916HV Monitor.


The screen has anti-glare protection to eliminate any potential interference from the sun and bright lights. This feature will allow you to set the monitor in an area, where sun shines through a window or in a very bright room.


  • Available in a variety of sizes (19, 20, 22, 23 and 24 inches)
  • Meets environmental regulatory standards
  • Arm extends, tilts and rotates for better viewing angles
  • Easy set up process
  • Contrast ratio – 600:1
  • Five millisecond response time
  • VESA mount-ready
  • Includes a VGA cable


  • No HDMI or DVI inputs
  • Leans forward just a little too much

Final ThoughtsDell-E1916HV-monitor-back-view

The Dell E1916HV 19” LED Monitor is ideal for consumers on a budget. The resolution is good for such an affordable monitor. It is lightweight, so you can move it around with ease. The monitor works as guaranteed by the manufacturer, even though it does have limited inputs.

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