DBPOWER 3 Color Review


My Thoughts

The DBPower is a great keyboard designed for gamers that despite it’s small size still manages to deliver big results. The DB Power 3 color is a great investment and is super durable because of the high strength materials used. It does have some cons though that is to be expected at such a low price point, what is a surprise though is the amount of great features it has.



Without a doubt the best feature on this keyboard has to be the LED backlighting, it comes with 3 different colors that can be adjusted to make it stronger or more dim. The lighting really does a great job of make the keys glow beautifully and you can see the full effect of this when you are in a dark room. There are no complicated color schemes and you won’t be able to make it flash like a christmas tree but you will get a beautiful mellow awesome looking backlit keyboard.

Value For Money

There are not a lot of other keyboards that will be able to beat this for under 50 bucks or even 100. If you are on a strict budget but want a solid keyboard with great backlighting the DB Power really does seem like a great bargain at this price point. They don’t cut any corners for the low price and DB Power even offer superb support regardless of how much you spend with them.

Small Size

This could either be a bad a thing or a really great thing but if you let’s just first assume you either have small hands, limited space or like to travel with your tech. This keyboard will be perfect for all of those things because it is one of the smaller options for gaming out there. It still feels easy to type on though and they still manage to make the spacebar feel big and somehow include a number pad.


Rubber Feet

I felt that this keyboard didn’t really offer great support on the underneath side, it moved around very easy and it would be so easy to fix that if they just built it with some strong rubber feet. If you are just using the keyboard casually then this isn’t a problem but then you are down to the last 5 in PubG and going crazy this things slides sometimes. Fortunately if you are proactive enough then you can buy your own rubber feet and just super glue them on for a DIY fix.

Key Click

I’m not saying that this is the loudest keyboard I have ever heard but if you are in a quiet room with your gaming headset on and someone is trying to relax then to put it simply you will end up annoying them. I found that that keys click quite loudly and that if you want a keyboard that is more quiet then there are far better options out there for you to purchase.

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