Corsair HS50 Review


First of all I must start by saying that I am very shocked at the low price point this headset is at. I believe it is only priced so low currently as it has only just been released recently and they looking to get the first set of reviews and customers in. Without sounding like a crypto trading guru, I fully expect the price of this headset to increase in the following months and would highly recommend gamers to pick up this headset before that happens. The Corsair HS50 Headset really is a beautiful piece of tech in so many ways.


Good for all gamers
This headset works with pretty much any device you are probably using or planning on using. The list includes PC, PS4, Mac, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and if you really want too, you can use it on your android and IOS devices.

Mute & Volume Buttons
Having a mute button on a gaming headset is a must for me and sometimes having it placed in a convent easy to press place feels like a lucky privilege. The headset includes a mute button along with a volume control under the ear cup which is the perfect spot.

Beautiful design
This Pro comes down to personal opinion mostly but I think you will agree with me when I say that this really just looks great. It isn’t bulky like most classic gaming headsets and there are no overkill flashy color schemes. It comes in Blue, Carbon, White and Green but even then those colors are minute in the stitching.

Noise Canceling Mic
I remember one time I was playing PubG with my teammates using a cheap headset and everyone complaining that they could hear ever finger tap on my Azio keyboard. The problem was that my microphone on my headset was just too sensitive and picking up every little sound. When using the Corsair HS50 that is no longer an issue and only my voice is picked up clear as day.

The Sound
I would say that the sound in the HS50 is pretty much similar to the Corsair Void headset which is a good thing. The Void headset is actually priced higher so you really are getting a good quality deal in my opinion.

Very Comfortable
The HS50 somehow manages to be incredibly comfortable while at the same time being tight fitting and not bulky. I would say point out that the materials used allow it breath very well and my ears at no point feel like they are getting hot but instead are refreshed.


Longevity and pricing

Okay so this isn’t exactly a con because it’s hard to think of one but it almost feels like this headset is too good to be true. I hope that it doesn’t end up breaking in the future and I hope that they don’t drastically increase the price come next christmas. If either things happens then don’t worry because this review will be updated but until then this is going to be right up at the top of my recomendations because of all of the 10/10 features.

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