7 Best Gaming Headsets Under 50 – Gamers on a Extreme Budget 2018


Whether you want to connect with your gaming friends online or delve deeper into the gaming world, you are going to need the assistance of a good quality headset. It is no secret that the gaming world is overflowing with different makes, models, and manufacturers of headsets. When you combine this with all the noise…

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Best Gaming Monitors Under 100 – Gamers On a Budget Edition 2018


It’s easy to sometimes get caught up in the technicalities of the inside of your computer for example and spend all your money trying to make it over powered but all that will be a waste of money if your monitor sucks and proceeds to give a 1950’s black and white film display. Don’t get…

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Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 – Ultimate Pro Gamer Guide 2018


A lot of gamers think that to become a pro gamer you need to really spend a fortune on the most expensive gaming keyboard out there but from my personal experience that is really not the truth at all. Yes, don’t get me wrong the cheapest keyboard out there will effect your gaming potential if…

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Best Gaming Headset Under 100? – 2018 Expert Gaming Guide


Owning a good gaming headset doesn’t have to be an expensive experience only for the rich or select few. I have spent hours looking for good gaming headsets that are priced under $100 and let me tell you that it’s definitely possible to find a good pair. I actually had a friend spend close to…

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