About Us

Since being set up in 2016, YourGamingSetup has helped thousands of avid gamers find great gaming tech. The website started out by showing readers what tech their favorite gaming YouTubers used and even though we still do that at YourGamingSetup we have expanded. Since growing our team of experts we are now able to provide in depth guides that help visitors find great budget gaming tech once again making sure we achieve our goal by helping gamers save money and time.

Anthony –


Founder at YourGamingUp.com and occasional current writer. Likes all things gaming and helping gamers save money on the latest tech.

Bill –

Chief writer at YourGamingSetup, Enjoys PubG, Beer, Netflix, and starting arguments with kids in the comments section of a new Markiplier video.

Claire –

Expert writer on all kinds of gaming tech. Enjoys watching fifty shades of grey, writing all day, listening to music and drinks way too much starbucks.

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